K Fabio Göttlicher

Mobile Developer

Chicago, IL

About me

I am a mobile developer, specializing in Android and Xamarin development. Other than mobile, I have experience with back end and front end web development. I graduated with computer science degree from Utah State University in 2016. Since 2014, I have been working in the industry, when I started working as a software technician writing automated UI tests for mobile devices. While still attending university, I took a competitive internship at a business accounting software company, where I worked on back end technology to generate investmet reports. After graduating with my bachelor degree, I have been working on a 500k+ downloaded fitness tracking Android and iOS app using Xamarin. I currently live in Chicago, IL. In my free time, I like to cook and play PC games. I am interested in cars and currently drive a 2017 VW GTI.


Utah State University

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science, 2013 - 2016

  • Key courses: Advanced Algorithms, Graphical User Interface Development in C#, Dynamic Web Development, Operating Systems and Concurrency, Software Engineering, Game Development, Compiler Construction, Object Oriented Programming
  • Extracurricular: Sustainability Club, Uncommon Collective (Community Improvement Volunteering), Attended Hack UState hackathons - 2nd place at the Spring 2016 Hackathon
  • Dean’s List, GPA: 3.65, ACT: 35

Work Experience

Groupon, Chicago, IL

Software Development Engineer - Android, 2019 - now

  • Develop a top rated e-commerce Android application for daily deals.

iFit, Logan, UT

Mobile Developer, 2017 - 2019

  • Developed and maintain cross platform (Android and iOS) applications with Xamarin
  • Used REST APIs, SQL database, MVVM, and async/await parallel code
  • Implemented In App Purchases through Google Play and iTunes
  • Used ReactiveX to make a responsive UI experience
  • Worked with mobile Bluetooth LE stack to communicate with fitness equipment

Pony Express Productions, Logan, UT

Software Developer, 2017-2017

  • Developed a native Android application to help organize family activities
  • Maintained a kiosk-like Android application for managing in-storecustomer loyalty programs
  • Added new features to a legacy ASP.NET website used by a large manufacturing company

Utah State University, Logan, UT

CS Lab Section Leader, 2016

  • Instructed multiple 25-student lab groups twice a week
  • Contributed code to an automated homework grading server
  • Managed online course page and grades
  • Helped students one-on-one to understand basic programming constructs

Clearwater Analytics, Boise, ID

Software Development Intern, 2016

  • Developed a specialized reporting system for investment accounting
  • Extracted investment data, performed calculations and saved into an SQL database
  • Developed a modern web application using Angular 2 and TypeScript

Icon Health & Fitness, Logan, UT

Software Technician, 2014 - 2016

  • Android and iOS UI Automation for regression testing
  • Set up deployment on a Continuous Integration server and results management
  • Managed a project on a small agile team, and training other developers in git, agile etc.
  • Communicated bugs and other code issues to developers through an issue tracker and meetings
  • Knowledge of Bluetooth wearables and connected fitness equipment



  • Android Native - Java, Kotlin
  • Xamarin Android, iOS, Forms
  • Libraries - Android Jetpack, Retrofit, Dagger
  • Automation testing (Espresso, Xamarin UITest)
  • Hockey App deployment
  • Crash monitoring (VS App Center, Raygun)


  • Angular, JQuery
  • Backend using Node.js, ASP.Net, Java frameworks

Languages and Technologies

  • C, C++
  • Java, Kotlin
  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • C# (Windows Forms, UWP, NUnit)
  • SQL (SQL Server, SQLite), Liquibase
  • Bash, Python
  • Git, Github, JIRA, SVN
  • Bitrise, Jenkins CI
  • Dependency injection/IoC - Dagger, MvvmCross, Guice

Spoken Languages

  • English
  • Czech
  • Slovak

Open Source Projects and Contributions

Notification Repeater


A workaround application for Xiaomi’s Android implementation, which fixed a bug preventing certain notifications from being shown. Downloaded by 15k+ users and covered by several tech blogs, for example this article on xda developers



Contributed several units-of-measure definitions and unit tests to this widely used .NET library



A simple calculator-like Android application to help with money tracking in the Power Grid board game

CS1 CSV Merger


While employed as a lab section leader for the Computer Science 1 course at Utah State University, I made a WinForms app that interacted with the Canvas API to extract grades into a spreadsheet format.



A Risk-like game written with C# and Universal Windows Platfroms. Part of a group project for the Software Engineering course at Utah State University. I contributed majority of the UI portion of the app.

Intersection Sim


Final project for Utah State University’s Artificial Intelligence class. This application simulates a busy roundabout intersection, and uses a minimax algorithm to schedule cars to enter the roundabout with the smallest possible wait time.